Is Addiction Destroying Your Life?

Here Is Recovery That Works! REALLY!

Here is a Holistic Approach

to treating addiction

This Program Works

The John Volken Academy Program provides effective, long-term, residential addiction treatment for men and women.

Our exceptional success rate sets us apart from other recovery centers because our long-term program gives the brain the opportunity to heal, but that is only the beginning.


Program Participants:

  • Receive Extensive Career Training
  • Advance their education
  • Develop Leadership & Social Skills
  • Build Strong Character


All it costs is a small one-time intake fee.

The John Volken Academy teaches self-reliance and leading by example operates several enterprises to help pay for our requirements.

In addition, as a registered not-for-profit society, we are sponsored by private charitable foundations, friends of the Academy, and supportive businesses. Therefore, the cost of this long-term residential program is only a one-time intake fee and refundable account for incidentals.

Three World-Class Campuses

British Columbia