About The John Volken Academy

Providing long-term addiction treatment since 1998

How long is the program?

Our program is a minimum of two-years. Some may require more than two years of treatment, and we are here and willing to help any student for as long as they need at no extra cost.

Why two years? Is that necessary?

We find that students in our program have tried many different avenues to get sober without success. They’ve been to week-long detox programs, classic 28-day centers, recovery houses, and 90-day programs, before finally making a commitment to getting sober with the John Volken Academy.

According to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, rehabilitation programs of at least 90 days or longer are needed to give an addicted person enough time to recover. Long-term drug rehab programs have 70% sobriety success rates, whereas short-term rehab programs have between 16-20% sobriety success rates.

Your chances of gaining life-long sobriety increase SIGNIFICANTLY with a two-year commitment to fully getting well, overcoming addiction, and gaining the life skills and tools needed to maintain sobriety and have a successful future.

Some Common Questions About The Academy

Is my addiction bad enough for a long-term treatment program?

While two years may feel like an extreme amount of time to get sober, consider the current cost and amount of time your addiction has taken away from you, it likely is unapparelled to this relatively short commitment to getting sober and changing your life.

Consider the amount of time you have already given and lost to your addiction. Consider the financial burden drugs and alcohol have become to you and your family. The cost of lost productivity at work or an inability to keep a job. Consider the legal fines, potential jail time you may be facing as well as the medical bills, and lost physical and mental health at the hands of your addiction. Your relationships and standing within your community are likely strained. The cost of your addiction (and ultimately, the potential cost of your life) is minimal compared to this commitment to getting sober and gaining the life skills needed to live the life you desire.

Chronic drug and alcohol use can take a minimum of two years for your brain and body to heal fully and can take up to five years for a full repair. Our program will ultimately be a blip on the radar of your entire life and will be well worth it for what you can still potentially lose to your addiction.
In considering our program, think of the hope you have for your future and your recovery from addiction. There is a lot of life to live and an extraordinary impact for you to still make in the world. We ask you to take this opportunity to completely change your life, which, in the long-term, will be a very short period. It is an investment in yourself to become the person you are meant to be.

How much does the program cost?
We offer one of the most effective and most affordable addiction treatments in the world. Our program requires a one-time, in-take fee of $5,000 plus a $2,000 incidental fee. Whatever incidental fee is unused will be refunded when the student graduates. Contrary to popular belief, addiction treatment does not have to be expensive to be effective.
How is JVA free after the intake fee?
The John Volken Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Through a private foundation, donations as well profits from our individual businesses, we are able to provide this life-changing program free of cost after a one-time, in-take fee for each student.
What payment options do I have?
We do not have payment plans for the one-time, in-take fee of $5,000 however if you feel this program is for you, and you need an option for paying the in-take fee, this can be discussed with the Program Director at the location you will be entering.
Do you offer scholarships for those who cannot afford the in-take and incidental deposit?
If you have a genuine desire to join our program, this can be discussed with the Program Director.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can connect with our John Volken Academy Support Group as well as have direct access to our family liaisons and Program Directors at each facility.

John is often asked why he embarked on this demanding mission. A typical response is:

“The other day, a student made a rather serious mistake…that’s expected. It gave me an opportunity to spend some time with him. After our “heart to heart” we hugged and I told him that I loved him. He responded with tears and said, “My father never said that to me…and how can you love me after all the stupid things I have done?” I reassured him that his mistakes were behind him, and that he was on his way to a new life. That is what the John Volken Academy is all about. Forgiveness and change. There are tears, there are laughs, there is hope, there are struggles, there is change…The transformations are incredible! Every day I am grateful to God for the opportunity to be part of changing lives.”