Too many individuals relapse because the most essential part needed for life-long sobriety is not being considered.

The tools necessary to handle life’s many challenges must be developed.

Getting sober is one thing – not to relapse is the challenge.

it is absolutely necessary to acquire the tools and skills needed for long-term sobriety.Some of these tools offered to participants are:

  • To see obstacles not as problems but as challenges
  • The ability to face inconvenient realities
  • Accountability for one’s accounts
  • Practice in self-control
  • Developing self-confidence and self-worth
  • Cooperate with others

Learning and Education

Encouraging participants to further their education is an integral part of our men’s and women’s substance abuse treatment programs.

Once settled in our treatment facility, students spend approximately three hours per day, Monday through Friday, on advanced studies. The success rate is awesome. Many students who used to struggle in school are now excelling in their education. In their pursuit of excellence, they are pushing themselves academically and developing strength in areas they never imagined possible.

Adopting a New Lifestyle

To maintain a life of sobriety, it is paramount that the individual adopt a healthy new lifestyle. This requires developing proper social skills, life skills, and vocational skills. Additionally, it requires changing one’s attitudes, behaviors, and values.

The John Volken Academy program teaches how to set boundaries, communicate effectively, and get along with others in a positive manner. Students are constantly involved in social activities with other students, in the workplace and within the community.

They repair relationships with friends and family. They learn acceptable work ethics. They learn how to speak in public and become comfortable in any social setting. They learn all aspects expected from a well-adjusted, contributing individual.

This process takes a great deal of time, practice, and expertise. Adopting an entirely new way of living in a short period of time is simply unrealistic. This is why our inpatient substance abuse programs provide the best possible outcome.

John is often asked why he embarked on this demanding mission. A typical response is:

“The other day, a student made a rather serious mistake…that’s expected. It gave me an opportunity to spend some time with him. After our “heart to heart” we hugged and I told him that I loved him. He responded with tears and said, “My father never said that to me…and how can you love me after all the stupid things I have done?” I reassured him that his mistakes were behind him, and that he was on his way to a new life. That is what the John Volken Academy is all about. Forgiveness and change. There are tears, there are laughs, there is hope, there are struggles, there is change…The transformations are incredible! Every day I am grateful to God for the opportunity to be part of changing lives.”